Many rumors circulate about Mr. Stella Burns.
Someone says he leaves fire footprints on the ground, others say they saw some smoke constantly coming out from his ears.
The most probable hypothesis is that he is a humanoid from a distant planet, a lover of '50s western comics.
But aside from all these legends there's a sure thing: his love burns for us.


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Photo by Francesca Corrias
Copyright Stella Burns 2013

March 2014
Interview on Fashion Magazine ELLE

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February 2014
Interview on Il Fatto Quotidiano

Interview on Lost Highways

Valentine's Day with Stella Burns
The song "Another call is what I'm waiting for" in the beautiful free compilation on (Sara Lov, Paolo Benvegnù among the others)

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"Stella Burns loves you" "DAY ALBUM" on Rockit
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Review on Lost Highways

On Radio Ara, Luxembourg

Stella Burns talking about Nick Cave's "The first born is dead" on Son of Marketing

A good review on the Italian magazine Rockerilla

January 2014
"Stella Burns loves you" (Twelve Records/Audioglobe) out on January 21st 2014.

New review on Grandipallefuoco
and article on Lo Specchio

Review on Shiver Webzine

The entire streaming of the album on Ondarock

The first reviews: 7 on Blow up magazine, Rumore and Il Mucchio. Here other reviews on line:
Il Tirreno

The first clip released (director Michele Faliani) on Rolling Stone Magazine. Guest star Emma Morton.

October 2013
The release of the debut album "Stella Burns loves you" is January 21th 2014.

August 2013
After months and months of hard work, "Stella Burns loves you" has been released for good people and friends on PledgeMusic that helped so much in doing it. Thank you very very much! Now we have to wait for the physical copies and the official release's date by Twelve Records. Thank you all for your patience. Stay tuned!!!

September 2012
On the site of Il Tirreno, italian newspaper, you can read a great review of the project and you can download the demo of the song Stella Burns loves you.

June 2012
The debut album "Stella Burns loves you" will be released by Twelve Records.

March 2012
Working with the Reverend on a double ep.
They will contain alternate versions and songs that will not be present on the forthcoming debut album "Stella Burns loves you".

January 2012
Francesca Corrias took photographs of the concert at Teatrofficina Refugio

MAY 2014
8th Firenze - Palazzo Strozzi (acoustic set)
13rd Livorno - FOlk AURORA - Opening for BARZIN

APRIL 2014
11st Livorno - FOlk AURORA - Special guest at Luca Faggella's concert
14th Spilamberto (Mo) - Officina del 32 - (with the band)

March 2014
1st Cesena - Rocca Malatestiana (acoustic set)
13rd Lucca - McColloughs Irish (with the band)
28th Fucecchio (FI) - La Limonaia (with the band)

February 2014
7th, 12:00 (Italian time)
Stella Burns on Sentieri Sonori - Radio ARA Luxembourg (podcast)
10th, 23:00 (Italian time) Interview with Rock Time on Radio Radicchio
12nd, 11:00 (Italian time) Interview on Controradio Bari (podcast)
13rd, 17:00 (Italian time) Interview on Radio Capodistria
15th, 17:00 (Italian time) Interview on Radio Fujico
20th, 16:00 (Italian time) Interview on Radio Onda D'urto
22nd, 18.00 Città del Capo - Radio Metropolitana (94.700 - 96.250 MHz in FM. Streamig on
24th, 16:30 Radio Tandem - Bolzano (98.400 MHz in FM. Streaming on
27th, 21:00 Radio Popolare Salento (93.5 - 107.3 MHz in FM. Streaming on
27th, 23:35 Radio Popolare - Milano (107.6 MHz in FM. Streaming on (TBC)
28th, 00:40 Controradio - Firenze (93.6 - 98.9 MHz in FM. Streaming on
28th Porto San Giorgio (FM) - (acoustic set)

January 2014
26th Livorno - Guest appareance at La Sentina - EDIZIONI IL FOGLIO - Festa dei 15 anni.

Decemebr 2013
20th Livorno - Folk Aurora/Ex Cinema Aurora. Special concert for the release of the debut album "Stella Burns loves you".

October 2013
18th Livorno - Folk Aurora/Ex Cinema Aurora. Special guest at Anthony Reynolds's concert.

September 2013
20th Livorno - Folk Aurora/Ex Cinema Aurora. Special guest with Luca Faggella at Emma Tricca's concert.

August 2013
14th Gabbro (LI)- Private birthday party

July 2013
8th Livorno - Percorsi musicali -The Bridge Unplugged, guest appearance with two songs.
11th Livorno - Surfer Joe Diner (+ La Muerte d.j. Set)
12th Fauglia (PI) - Fauglia Beer Festival

May 2013
1st Fauglia - Primo Maggio dal Frontini

February 2013
2nd Livorno - Officine Metropolis
21st Livorno - Teatrofficina Refugio, Tabù Festival

August 2012
17th Livorno - Surfer Joe Diner
31st Livorno - Pausa 13 (Music for life)

July 2012
13th Fauglia (PI) - Fauglia Beer Festival (+ Piccoli animali senza espressione + Virginiana Miller)

May 2012
1st Luciana (PI) 18.15 - Festival

January 2012
13th Livorno - Teatrofficina Refugio
22nd Cecina - Birroteca Doppio Malto

November 2011
Stella Burns, accompanied by the Revered at the guitar, is going to tour with the talented UK songwriter and actress Sukie Smith AKA Madam.
Here the gigs confirmed at the moment:
5th Imola - Circosforza
6th Potenza Picena - Groove
7th Milano - La Sacrestia
9th Carpi - Mattatoio
10th Chiaverano - La Locanda del Panigaccio
11th Genova - Kitchen
Booking A Giant Leap

February 2011
18th Paris - La Loge
Stella Burns is going to play electric guitar in Anthony Reynolds double concert in Paris. Also he will perform a solo set.


February 2014
You can't be safe from the effect of love

January 2014
A little piece of blue, featuring Emma Morton

September 2012
Bonus track from "Stella Burns loves you"

Stella Burns plays a song by the UK band Jack

March 2012

Twelve Records presents:
"Stella Burns loves you" (demo version).

Starring: Stella Burns and the Reverend

The final version will be released on the forthcoming Stella Burns debut album "Stella Burns loves you", out in January 2014.

Shooting by Michele Faliani @ Teatrofficina Refugio
Editing and graphics by Gianluca Maria Sorace for Cordigitale