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Stella Burns Loves You

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About The Release

Artist: Stella Burns
Labels: Love & Thunder Records, Twelve Records
Release Date: 23/12/2015
Genres: Acoustic, Americana, Folk rock
Publisher: Love & Thunder



I had a scary vision
where the Lord was cutting down the wood of liars.
And through the blood around me
I could see a constellation of eyes crying.
And your love
is all I need
and I’ve been searching for
for many hopeful years.
While the mercy rain
will clean my soul.
All the sins I’ve done.
Doomsday has begun.
The dark clouds were suggesting me,
the day was gonna be red and amazing.
The birds were crying painful tears.
The quality of fire’s really amazing.
And now
all I see
in your deep eyes
is all I want to see.
And through the crack under my feet
I made out the firebrands melting the ground.
The trees were scary and flickering.
The love I feel for you was burning down.
Founding a new place.


This is the tale of Tiny Miss F
who came one day
somewhere around the Black Bay.
She came by walk
from a far away spot,
she came by walk
along her skinny donkey.
Following the serpentine River
in spite of the gunshots,
inspired by the bandits.
By walk she came,
so tells the tale.


Another way,
you need another way of love.
A different taste.
But baby can’t be safe
from the effects of love.
A dozen roses, a nasty dream
on television, a kiss on the wide screen.
All the good lovers could fall from the top.
All the bad lovers could fall from the top.
I think you’re really sexy,
I think you look like from Japan.
And all the things you have done,
oh baby can’t be safe again.
A rolling dice, a brim folded dream,
a market square where you like to drink and sing.
All the good lies
are stones to reach the high top.


Noone can tell you the name of that man
and trace a line between gold and sand.
Some people get older and don’t choose to be nice.
They want him to die.
Why don’t you believe in my words?
They’re crossing the line between Good and Wrong.
Some people no longer will wait for you, man.
They don’t understand.
The trees are like guns,
stretch their branches towards the sun.
What happens in their heads
while the stars are exploding above.
They want to play down
what it’s been and what will be.
They have the strenght of a spider’s web.
I’m feeling the play is going to be bad
‘cause people don’t wanna to let him alive.
They want him to die.
You man have the law,
by the people, by the Lord.
Why don’t you understand?
There’s a sheep that is going to die.
They want to play down
what it’s been and what will be.
They want to impose to you
what they think and their beliefes.


A try to find a sense, a sign of love, a moral.
I’ve never read my life on Times.
Not to be on the crime scene has changed my aims.
So now, all have disappeared
and things are getting worse.
Because of the dark signs in our sleepy eyes.
They describe our souls, so why?
To dream of holy summers, to dream of shabby sinners
in the boxing ring, where the shadows cry.
We are not champs but tramps,
black clouds in the summer sky.
Things are getting worse.
To my shame I take the blame.
Who burned the town?
All the things I’ve never had,
all the rules i put in my head.
Who burned the town?
Because the role is mine,
a gate built on painful lines.
You could think I’m sad all the time.
But I’m not going down.


I’m on my way across the fields.
A bad dream for the good sons.
Revolver case and open eyes.
I hold on for better times.
I will, I will dream.
You will be ivied one day.
I’ll never be the same, I’ll always be in flame.
I wonder why I cannot see the storm in your eyes.
why can’t there be another big tide?
Another big tide.


How can I dream without you?
Why should I sing as a fool?
While winters came drawing bitter ends again.
I love the sun in your dreamy eyes, ma belle.
How can I change direction among the swans?
To reach the swallows playground
and the saints on my way.
You burn like sunshine.
While winters came drawing bitter ends again.
I love the sun in your full of light true eyes.
While winters came drawing bitter ends again.
I love the sun as it’s sinking in your eyes, down.


The blurry russian tears you will pay for.
Sixteen years and nothing more, this is the price.
I hope her eyes won’t ever see this squalor.
Who is the fool in this town where crying again?
Their loveless greedy eyes were painted on your face.
This is not America.
And if you search for summer days
please don’t for heaven sake.
This is not America.
Oh, you should be cruel and blind while people say again,
I want you now.


Walk through the dawn, cross the sea.
It’s just another world.
Life’s like a dream. What you see It’s just another world.
I want you now.
Lights and flames.
Sail through the blame
and your fears.
Walk for a long time,
It’s just another world,
Smile at your smile.
What I see is just another world


I will till the ground,
weeping for the time
I will recognise you from a kiss.
I’ll forget the past,
all bad things I’ve done.
But I won’t forget you
‘cause I love you.
Over the trees there’s a place where
the stars wakes never end.
Over the trees there’s a place where
I will dream close to you.
Over the sea there’s a place where
your hugs will never end.
Over the sea there’s a place where
I will dream close to you.


Another winter’s day,
a little piece of blue outside.
Clouds are running fast,
my plastic spider is smiling bright.
Mummy cannot know,
a world was burning just behind the door,
I was five years old.
Another winter’s day,
the kitchen sounds decide the time.
Dreams are flying high
as little birds that reach the sun.
Mummy cannot know,
a ship was floating just behind the door.
I was five years old.
Another dream, another will.
The days we lived, the days we are still.
The color of my eyes is the same as those days.
I’ve been taken it for years ‘till now
I give it to you.
When the winter’s come
I can’t remember how my world has gone.
The sun is always bright,
the love I feel for you is burning high.
I was five years old.


I’ve been waiting for
the night of the tears.
The night you’ll say hi,
I’m here for you.
I’ve been waiting for
the night you’ll decide
to kiss me goodnight.
I’m here for you.
What should I’ve done?
Rainbows through your hair.
Words are painful blots.
I’m searching for you everywhere.
Is not enough?


I could decide life’s gone.
The raging sun is going to fall.
Until the saints and the blind men
will change the bonds.
I need your call
while the sun is going to fall.
For a long time.
Who decide what is right?
All is done.
The trees will burn in the sun.
Words are like a shooting gun.
I can’t deny what I’ve had
but another call
is what I’m waiting for.
What have I done?
I can’t dream and choose to lie.
Would you come?
In my arms.
like a stream along the river bank lines.
My desire.



- prova