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A little piece of blue

  /  A little piece of blue

About The Release

Artists: Emma Morton, Stella Burns
Label: Twelve Records
Release Date: 21/11/2016
Genres: Acoustic, Americana, Folk rock
Publisher: Love & Thunder



Another winter’s day,
a little piece of blue outside.
Clouds are running fast,
my plastic spider is smiling bright.
Mummy cannot know,
a world was burning just behind the door,
I was five years old.
Another winter’s day,
the kitchen sounds decide the time.
Dreams are flying high
as little birds that reach the sun.
Mummy cannot know,
a ship was floating just behind the door.
I was five years old.
Another dream, another will.
The days we lived, the days we are still.
The color of my eyes is the same as those days.
I’ve been taken it for years ‘till now
I give it to you.
When the winter’s come
I can’t remember how my world has gone.
The sun is always bright,
the love I feel for you is burning high.
I was five years old.