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Stella Burns loves you – Bonus Tracks

  /  Stella Burns loves you – Bonus Tracks

About The Release

Artist: Stella Burns
Label: Love & Thunder Records
Release Date: 23/12/2013
Genres: Acoustic, Alt Rock, Americana, Folk rock, Lo-Fi
Publisher: Love & Thunder


RUSSIAN EYES (Tolstoj Remix)

The blurry russian tears you will pay for.
Sixteen years and nothing more, this is the price.
I hope her eyes won’t ever see this squalor.
Who is the fool in this town where crying again?
Their loveless greedy eyes were painted on your face.
This is not America.
And if you search for summer days
please don’t for heaven sake.
This is not America.
Oh, you should be cruel and blind while people say again,
I want you now.

STELLA BURNS LOVES YOU (with the Reverend Roberto Migliussi)

I had a scary vision
where the Lord was cutting down the wood of liars.
And through the blood around me
I could see a constellation of eyes crying.
And your love
is all I need
and I’ve been searching for
for many hopeful years.
While the mercy rain
will clean my soul.
All the sins I’ve done.
Doomsday has begun.
The dark clouds were suggesting me,
the day was gonna be red and amazing.
The birds were crying painful tears.
The quality of fire’s really amazing.
And now
all I see
in your deep eyes
is all I want to see.
And through the crack under my feet
I made out the firebrands melting the ground.
The trees were scary and flickering.
The love I feel for you was burning down.
Founding a new place.

THE NIGHT OF THE TEARS (with the Reverend Roberto Migliussi)

I’ve been waiting for
the night of the tears.
The night you’ll say hi,
I’m here for you.
I’ve been waiting for
the night you’ll decide
to kiss me goodnight.
I’m here for you.
What should I’ve done?
Rainbows through your hair.
Words are painful blots.
I’m searching for you everywhere.
Is not enough?