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Stella Burns

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I’d like you to do my next album… how are you, BTW?

Anthony Reynolds and I have known each other for many years now. I bought his records with the band Jack when I still dreamed of being a full-time musician. Jack represented the musical style I aspired to and that I partly tried to transpose into my Hollowblue band years later: great guitars, violins, anger, intimacy and charisma. Anthony continued on this path also in his solo records enriching them with further new nuances.
I saw my first Jack concert in London in 1999, when the moon finally came off from the orbit of planet earth. I didn’t have the courage to talk to him after the concert, but I sent him an email few years later with a proposal for collaboration. This is how our friendship was born and from there we did several things together: songs, a few concerts, lots of emails and words. Despite the almost twenty-year friendship I am first of all still a fan of his voice and his songs and yes, producing his new album makes me feel rather agitated but it is above all a big honor.